Best Free Browser MMORPG's

Best Free Browser MMORPG's

I maintain a list of the best free Persistent Browser Based Games (PBBG's) also referred to as Browser Based MMORPG's. My list of top picks will save you hours of searching for your new free MMO addiction.

Chronicles of Elyria is an amazing upcoming MMO that can be played using both the Unreal 4 and a WEB BROWSER. This is probably going to be the best MMO you have ever played. Don't let this one escape your attention.

chronicles-of-elyria.jpg long-spacer.pngeldevin.jpg

Eldevin is a popular PBBG available on many platforms including your favorite browser and steam. Like all games listed on this site, it's free to play.


Battlestar Galactica Online (3D)
If you're a fan of space games, Browser MMO's, and Battlestar Galactica, then this game will work for you on many levels…


Age of Ascent (3D) (Alpha)
This free PBBG hasn't been released yet but it's worth adding to your watch list. Free Alpha testing takes place once a month.

long-spacer.pngraining-chain-browser-mmorpg.png long-spacer.pngrunescape-forever.jpg

Runescape could very well be the longest running PBBG on the web. It attracts a younger crowd and with many skills to develop, a fair amount of geography to explore, PvP, quests, and crafting.


Magic Duel
Magic Duel is a cross between a horror and puzzle PBBG. It also offers a unique combat system in which players recruit creatures and employ them during combat. If you're looking for something unique, try this game.


Andromeda5 (2D) (Beta)
A5 is an addicting space based Browser MMO using the Java NPAPI browser plugin. If you have a hard time with 3D flight sims then you will love this easy to navigate 2D realm with lots of character skills, ships, and ship upgrades.


Knights and Fights
Knights and Fights is a low-fi, fantasy browser MMORPG set in a world at war where PVE and PVP combat and contests are common.


AD2460 (4X Strat)
AD2460 does not technically qualify for as a top-ranked PBBG on this site. However, due to the outstanding game play it offers, I'm not only ranking it, but I'm featuring this game too.


That's all of them. Why so few…? I only list best. But if you want the full list of browser MMO's available, then you can find them on the Mammoth PBBG List. However, during my search for the ultimate browser based mmorpg, I've found a few exceptional browser games listed below. They didn't qualify for the list above but I've included them here for the outstanding game play that they offer.

Little War Game external-link-white.gif
Little War Game is a free Browser Based RTS styled in retro graphics. It's a great casual game and what I would consider a fun introduction to the RTS genre. You can play without an account but free account holders get a few extra benefits.

Illyriad (Strategy)
Illyriad is a strategy game that offers a huge sandbox world with lots of opportunities and challenges. No two empires are alike and the level of depth and detail will amaze you.