Albion Online

12 Nov 2014 17:09

Albion Online (Retired)


Albion Online is a 3D massive online player role-playing video game developed and published by Sandbox Interactive located in Berlin Germany. The game is set within a traditional medieval world with no class restrictions.



Albion Online is a portable MMORPG designed from the ground up to be cross-platform playable and like all games found on this site, Albion Online is also playable in a browser. The game is playable on Linux, Windows, Mac, and iOS and Android tablets.

Release Dates

At the time of this writing, the game is in Alpha and due to release in 2015 2016. Since closed beta is slotted for Q3 Q4 2015, this does not leave much room for open beta and release. But it's quite common for release dates to get pushed back, this was true for the Browser Based MMORPG Eldevin that was originally due for release in 2008 but wasn't released until 2013.



Although Albion Online is a 3D game, gameplay is depicted in a 2D overhead view centered on the player. This keeps the viewing field small and contributes to the portability of the game as viewing the horizon would increase the system requirements of the game. Movement is point and click and combat is non-instanced. This is not an action game, your survivability depends primarily on your stats, not your reflexes and aim.


Albion Online has some exciting sandbox features including:

  • One server for all players, this means no more server shopping or debating with guild mates over which shard to use.
  • No class restrictions, your stats are defined by the gear you wear.
  • No levels. Instead your character becomes stronger by advancing through the destiny board.
  • Non-instanced player built housing, guild constructed towns and guild owned territory.
  • All items including housing and gear (but not mounts) are crafted by players, there are no NPC merchants to sell you gear other than mounts.
  • Crafting. Gather and craft your goods. You start naked and with nothing.
  • A 100% player driven economy. Craft your goods then sell them on the market place. Set your own price.
  • The world contains three types of zones, safe zones, PvP zones, and crime zones where PvP is illegal, but still possible.
  • Death penalty, the return of the corpse run! When you die in a safe zone, you have 10 minutes to return to your corpse and recover your items before other players can loot all of your items. In a PvP zone, all of your items can be looted immediately following death. This is a full loot game.
  • Guilds and Alliances. Allied guilds also have access to alliance chat.
  • Guild vs Guild warfare. This game is designed for PvP through guild wars in order to claim and control territory. Territory control contributes to control of raw materials that are present throughout Albion.