22 Mar 2015 01:26

Drakensang: No Longer a Browser MMO

I've received a few emails from fans of Drakensang asking my why this game is not on my list of top picks. Drakensang has been on my review list for a while now. For anyone familiar with my review process you will know that I typically like to spend a good amount of time in a game before I give it a writeup. This is especially true for games that have a lot of content and depth of play. In the past, I could pump out a couple of reviews a week because I could dedicate 20 hours+ to a game during that time. These days I have more things going on so new games get added at a snails pace.


When Drakensang first came out, I was immediately impressed with the visuals but other games had a tighter pull on me at the time. At some point in time Drakensang decided that their game would be best played with a 20mb executable download:


Hence, this game no longer qualifies as a browser based MMO and since this site is dedicated to these types of games only, it will not be included on our list. Games on this site are not 100% immune from downloads, but these downloads are considered somewhat standard for use in browser based MMO's including Java, Flash, and the Unity plugin. Games must be portable and playable in a browser without restriction to be listed on this site.


Browser games, while superior for being portable, often lack the wow factor available in downloadable application based MMO's. As a browser game, Drakensang was outstanding and I'm dissapointed that I cannot include it on this site. As a downloadable application MMO, Drakensang is sub-par when compared to other free MMO's. This isn't the only game that has withdrawn from its browser based roots, Quake Live, while not an MMO, was one of my favorite browser based shooters, and it too has severed itself from the browser game genre.


It's interesting to see this trend when mobility is becoming more popular and the best way for MMO's to respond to mobility is through portability. Some MMO's currently under development are going the extra mile to make their games available on mobile devices and the primary means of accomplishing this is by making the game playable in a browser. This not only makes the game cross-platform compatible but also makes it available to consumers that use chrome books and other similar computers.