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07 Nov 2014 00:25

Eldevin Media

  • Status: Under Development.
  • Release Date: Q1 2008, Fall of 2008, Summer 2010, Summer 2011, Summer 2012, Summer 2013.

Original Concept Art: (Click image to enlarge…)


New Concept Art: (Click image to enlarge…)


Eldevin Concept & Game Art. Source: Eldevin

14.MAR.2008: Today I was met with a pleasant surprise. Two weeks ago I decided to bug Hunted Cows Studios to see if they had an update on their release date for Gothic Ages. I was not awarded a response as hoped. However, today I received the first official e-mail release regarding the game…

Hi there,

Thank you for joining the Gothic Ages mailing list. We are now no longer using our working title (Gothic Ages) and are pleased to announce the final game title of Eldevin. We have also updated the main page with the latest developments and some of the concept art for creatures within the game.

We'll be updating this site every few weeks with the latest progress and we'll notify you via the mailing list each time we do. If you no longer wish to receive these there is a removal link at the bottom of this email.

Link: Eldevin

Best Regards,
The Hunted Cow Team

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