07 Nov 2014 00:16


Note: This game is now available in English at

I believe that I may have found the best RPG PBBG ever made to date. It's entirely in flash and can be played in full screen mode within your browser. It's fully walkable with stunning graphics and awesome sounds including ambient sounds that really put you in the world. There appears to be lots of skill choices and a robust development and equipment system. There is just one problem, the game is entirely in Russian and English is not even permitted in public chat. If you feel up to a challenge, then sign up for an account and create a character (that's the challenging part). To make it a little easier, use the following guide. If you decided that you like the game, then post here and join me on my crusade to get an English Speaking Server.

Getting Started

1) Go here and sign up for a Russian e-mail addy.
2) Chance are you wont know how to fill out the forms. In that case click here for a translation. (opens a new tab)

Note, you must fill out the original form from the site, not the translated page. This is because the translated page will not show the captcha correctly at the end of the form. Lucky for us the captcha does appear in English letters. A bit of advice here, instead of trying to come up with Russian letters for your login name, just use numbers since the mail service will also recognize English numbers. Funnily enough your password can still consist of English letters even though your name cannot.

3) After signing up for the free e-mail, a confirmation screen will appear asking for additional information, don't worry about understanding it or adding more info, just click the far right button on the bottom of the form and you will be taken to your Russian e-mail in-box. Exciting huh?
4) Now close the e-mail tab and go to the Russian Fragoria Site. If you did everything right then you should automatically be logged into the Fragoria website. You can verify this by observing that your e-mail address appears near the top of the page. Click the sign post that appears just below it and you will enter the game.


At this point your PC should be loading the flash screen, it will take a few minutes. Just wait it out.

5) Next, you will need to create a new character, to do this click the area indicated by the arrow in the image below.


6) On the character creation screen, begin by entering your name in the black field centered at the top. Just to the right of that is your gender selection, you will see the avatars below it change to female or male respectively.


From what I can tell, the three choices below your name indicate character nationality, I think the first one is England, the middle one Ireland, and the right one France. I'm not 100%. Below this three national options, are different looks, I don't think they represent classes because every time I tried to make a new one I always end up with a bow and arrow. Apparently class choice is determine while playing.

7) After you click to accept your character, you will be taken back to the main screen where you should see the character you just made. Click it once then click on the enter logo near the bottom and centered. It's the part that looks like it reads BXOA, it means "start".


8) After you enter the world, it will look rather plain with nothing but an outline of your character. Wait for all the images to load. You should set your browser cache to about 500mb so that the game will load faster in the future. Once all the images are loaded, you will find that you are standing in the clouds above the world with a choice of 4 spots to use to travel down to the world. I don't know what the 4 icons indicate, we can only guess:



English and German are the only two languages permitted to be spoken in this game. Yes, an English server is planned, but the Russian servers don't want English in chat. You can speak English in private tells, but not in public so be careful. You might get lucky like me and have an English speaking mod contact you in-game and help you out a little. But don't say I didn't warn you, I would hate to see you get banned before having a chance to check out the game.

9) Next, let's make it a little easier to read at least some of the text in the game. Press F11, this will bring up your control options. Then press the last icon on the bottom indicated by the lower arrow in the image below. This will allow you to change the language, sorry no English, but the next best thing is Deutsch. It wont be perfect and all the chat will still be in Russian but some of the in-game signs will be in Deutsch and since some Deutsch terms are identical or close to English, it will make life a little more bearable. You will have to reset after you change the language. I don't know how to reset so I just refreshed the page and logged back in.


More information on the game using the google translator can be found here

That's all I know, as you can see, the grapghics really are pretty damn stunning for a PBBG and there does seem to be lots of options. It looks like a good game but there is a huge language barrier. There is a comments section on this page (scroll up and click the tab) please post if figure something out lol and if you see me in-game (Whane The Whip on the Victory server) double click on my name and whisper me… I speak English. :)