Major Update To This Site

09 Nov 2017 05:37

We're Moving!

I can hardly believe that it's been 10 years since I started this site. During that time I've seen an interest in PBBG's slow to a crawl. A couple of months back I mentioned in an article about the future of this site that it's here to stay. That's still true.

However, as a 10 anniversary year gift to myself, I'm moving this site to a new domain that I recently bought for myself. My intention was to have a site similar to this one, but focused on the best PC games. Instead, I will divide the new site into two main sections including this site (Crane & Dragon PBBG List) and another section for traditional application based PC games. I've been wanting to attach a domain to this site for a long while now but I was concerned about losing rank. After 10 years, this site has enjoyed great rank for primary phrases relating to PBBG's. Hopefully redirects will help and if it turns out to be a ranking disaster then it won't hurt as much now as it would have many years back.

The new site will follow the same concept as this site; listing only the best, according to my opinion, complete with standards for qualification. It will also be the 5th time that I've re-skinned the site. It will also have a very minimalistic theme with larger text and no more side-bar, both of which will make it more mobile friendly.

I might rebuild this site and then plug it into the new domain rather than create a new site from scratch and move content. That would probably be safer for rank. But that would also be more work and the site would be a mess for a while during the rebuild. I'm still not sure but regardless of what I decide, navigation will still be seamless for you and the only apparent difference will be the site theme and additional content. But the PBBG half will still be clearly divided from the application based PC games.

If I do decide to move content, then this site will remain for historical reasons, but most of the pages here will redirect to it's counterpart on the new site. For this reason, and due to the fact that the new site will have a new theme, it's going to take me a while to copy the content of this site over to the new one. But I will move all content, eventually™.

You can get a sneak peak at the new illumiblocki website but it will be some time before it will be completed and ready for steady content. My intention is to have the new site launched by Nov 23 to mark the 10 year anniversary of this site. If you have an ideas for the new site, let me know.