Battlestar Galactica Online 3d

08 Nov 2014 18:34

Battlestar Galactica Online 3d

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  • FvF: Yes
  • 3D Game: Yes
  • Free To Play: Yes
  • Premium Pay Option: Yes


Battle Star Galactica Online (BGO) is a browser based MMO set in 3D space and set in the Battle Star Galactica world. Being a fan of space games, MMO games, and Battlestar Galactica means this game works for me on many levels so this review is sure to be somewhat biased. The game is fully 3D yet in a browser making it one of just a small handful of true 3D PBBG's available at the time of this writing. New players start out with a brief tutorial to get the basics of space flight and combat.


Advancement is based on XP and typical for most MMO's. XP is spent to increase skills which reminds me a little of old school MUDS (as well as Asheron's Call) which tends to give XP value beyond just determining level. As you gain XP you decide how best to spend it to raise skills while at the same time advancing in level. As you become stronger and wealthier there are additional ships that can be purchased along with lots of gear that can be installed. All craft have specialization bonuses allowing you to install more component of one type over another. For example, a Viper can be fitted with additional engine components while a Raptor has room for more computer components than the Viper.

The World

The game world is set in space divided into chunks identified as sectors. Each sector may contain planet(s) and asteroids which can be mined for material as well as debri. Encounters with NPC ships will keep you on your toes while exploring. Jumping to other nearby sectors in performed via FTL (faster than light) drives that are installed on all ship and ship types.


PvP comes in the form of FvF (faction versus faction) only making it much like WoW with just two factions, Cylons versus Humans (Colonials). Any apposing faction member can be attacked. The sectors of the world can be controlled at any given time by the ruling faction creating a FvF system in which the objective is to control more sectors than the apposing faction.