Earth Eternal 3D

08 Nov 2014 20:24

Earth Eternal 3D (Retired)

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  • Genre: Medieval
  • PvP: YesNo
  • RvR: YesNo
  • FvF: YesNo
  • 3D Game: YesNo
  • Free To Play: YesNo
  • Premium Pay Option: YesNo

In August of 2010 Earth Eternal, the most robust and feature rich Free 3D PBBG created by SparkPlay Media was sold in an auction after the CEO announced it was likely going into bankruptcy.


On August 31st, 2010, the Earth Eternal website was shutdown for lack of payment, as was expected. Earth Eternal has been bought, but the name of the current company has yet to be released and there has been no sign of the game since then.


In August 2011, the new owner(s) of Earth Eternal republished the game to include some minor changes and the addition of new character choices. Unfortunately they did not address the same issues (mainly marketing) that caused it to fail the first time and as a result, the game shut down yet again in November 24, 2011 for an indefinite period of time.


After two failures, and the introduction of other 3D PBBG's into the competition pool. I doubt we'll see this game return for round 3.