08 Nov 2014 19:33

Fallensword (Demoted)

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  • FvF: Yes
  • 3D Game: No
  • Free To Play: Yes
  • Premium Pay Option: Yes

Fallensword (FS) is a well-made and somewhat imaginative fantasy based Browser Based MMO. It contains many of the typical features we are accustomed to in classic RPG's and has a polished look. Twinkers will love FS because advancement is entirely equipment dependent with over 500 unique items. Equipment is even more important than your character stats. With player auctions, a solid economic system, lots of mobs, and customizable player guilds, most PBRPG fans will enjoy Fallensword.


FS has an estimated 33,500 unique U.S. vistors that play on a regular basis and caters primarily to a youth/child centric crowd. The typical visitor visits ign.com and frequents neopets.com. [1]


There seem to be no complaints of staff members and the community enjoys offering feedback that is often used in part to improve the game. Overall, the staff is more responsive than seen in other PBBG's.


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