Nyrris Empire

07 Nov 2014 22:22

Nyrris Empire (Demoted)

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  • FvF: Yes
  • 3D Game: No
  • Free To Play: Yes
  • Premium Pay Option: No

Nyrris Empire is a Browser Based MMORPG with a strong emphasis on players building the economy. Develop your land to produce the resources needed for construction, exploration, and combat. Join with your friends to create a thriving land, and go on exciting adventures together. Repel invasions with your forces, and grow a region into a Kingdom, then if your treasury is full and your friends are loyal create your own faction and unite the entire continent into one Empire.


As stated in the tutorial the player will choose to leave the Nyrris continent and join the new continent in search of a better life. Here he will have to start gathering resources, hunt animals and start building a new life for himself.


The starting game will not be the same for all players, for instance the players that register now will find a free continent full of resources to gather, animals to hunt etc. but they will lack large communities witch means no guilds,taxes,global markets or superior crafted items, while the players that will register later will not have as many resources but they will have more professions to choose from and more items.


Here are some of the game main features:

  • Player grown economy
  • Crafting system with many recipes
  • Many professions to choose from
  • Factions and regional decisions
  • Achievements
  • Many resources which can be gathered and transformed in hundreds of different items(armors, weapons, bags, food, drinks, potions, better resources, gem sockets, etc)