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Pardus (Demoted)

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  • Site: Pardus
  • Genre: Space
  • PvP: Yes
  • RvR: No
  • FvF: Yes
  • 3D Game: No
  • Free To Play: Yes
  • Premium Pay Option: Yes

Pardus is a browser based persistent-world massively multiplayer online game set in a science fiction space setting. Players fly ships in a universe containing starbases, planets, wormholes, and player owned buildings while developing their characters and interacting with other players. For more information read the Pardus Article.


Pardus began in the Summer of 2003 as a long-term project by a team of Austrian game-developers. on September 6th, 2006 the two active developers Werner Bayer and Michael Szell founded Bayer & Szell OEG, and shortly thereafter began selling premium subscriptions to Pardus players. [1]

Registration Information

Bayer & Szell OEG,
Ludwig Hinnerthstrasse 5
Pressbaum, Austria 3021
phone: +43223352565

System architecture

Pardus is programmed primarily in PHP & C/C++, with a MySQL database running in the background. [1]


Pardus has an international audience with an estimated 5,766 unique U.S. visitors per month in which 48% are classified as “passers-by”. The majority of the players are males between the ages of 18-34. [2]

Staff conduct

There have been discussions initiated by players using the official Pardus forums [3] regarding the impartiality of the Pardus Staff members. Some players argue that many of the bans are personal, too emotionally charged, or too severe. As a result of thread closures and deletions of some of these discussions, some players have created offsite venues to voice their arguments. [4] There are records indicating that all players of an alliance called the Pardus Rangers were banned. The Pardus Rangers subsequently opened up their alliance forums to the public. [5] Some players argued that it was unfair to summararily ban all members of an alliance without giving each one a fair warning and Individual assessment. Others argue that many of the members of the alliance did not violate any terms and that they were banned for speaking out against Pardus Staff. During the first Federation versus Empire long term Player versus Player event (war), some argued that staff misconduct was disguised as an ambush bug that favored the Federation giving them a notable advantage over the Empire. During the same wartime event some members of the Imperial alliance Ruby Legion were banned or quit due to what that they believed to be staff misconduct. Others remain but protest by playing with non-premium (paid) accounts.


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