Best PC Games
Best PC Games (the short list)

This is a complete list of exceptional PC Games that every gamer should play. I have sampled 100's of games, mostly PC games. Many of the games were good, but some are exceptional. This page lists all of those exceptional games. I'm not relying on votes or reviews by others to make this determination, but rather, my own experience playing the games so yes, this a biased list.

Single Player Role Playing Games
Multi-Massive Online Role Playing Games
First Person Shooters
  • 1994 Descent [Video]
  • 1995 Star Wars Dark Forces
  • 1996 Duke Nukem 3D
  • 1997 Quake: II
  • 1999 Quake: III
  • 2002 MOHAA
  • 2005 Quake: IV
  • 2005 Americas Army
  • 2009 Borderlands
  • 2010 Quake Live
  • 2010 World of Tanks
  • 2017 Quake Champions
Real Time Strategy Games
Persistent Browser Based Games
Survival, Sandbox & Simulators
  • 2011 Minecraft
  • 2013 RUST
  • 2013 Rimworld: Off-world Colony Sim
  • 2015 Dying Light: Enhanced Version
Other Games
  • 2014 Hearthstone: Digital CCG
Almost Made My list