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Is this site missing a great PBBG? If so then submit it using the form on this page and if I love it then I'll promote it on this site for free. Even if I don't love it enough to rank it among my list of top PBBG's, there's still a chance that I'll post an article about it. At the very least, I'll list it on my Mammoth List of PBBG's.

Step 1: Check the Mammoth PBBG List. If the game you want to promote is on that list, then there is no reason to suggest it here because I've already reviewed it, unless you think it deserves a 2nd look in which case include some details that you think I may have overlooked.

Step 2: Make sure that your PBBG suggestion qualifies for inclusion within this site:

  • The game must be an MMORPG, played through a browser.
  • The game must not be a strategy game.
  • The game must not be a MUD.
  • The world should contain a walkable world and I prefer a graphical world.
  • The game must provide a playable free version and not be P2W.
  • More details pertaining to the list above can be found on the PBBG Listing Standards page.

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