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Is this site missing a great PBBG? If so then submit it using the form on this page and if I love it then I'll promote it on this site for free. Even if I don't love it enough to rank it among my list of top Free Browser MMORPG's, but still enjoy the game, there is a good chance that I'll post an article about it, so you'll still get some free promotion.


This site specializes in listing PBBG's only so while your game might get lost on a larger site like ONRPG, it would be featured on the main page here. But don't expect a rush of visitors to your site, slow and steady wins the race here. The image found below is a screenshot comparing clicks to the Eldevin PBBG over a 1 year span.


Some browser games listed on this site will attract more attention than others. But given enough time, all games will get a fair amount of sign ups. The screenshot below shows my reward for bringing in over 500 referrals to a previously ranked PBBG called Fallensword. Those referrals signed up through my link that I promoted on this site. I haven't even played the game in years but referrals keep rolling in.



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