PBBG's Under Review

Most of the pbbg's that I come across these days look the same and in fact are often developed by the same company using the same core with a different skin. Learning that the game has an auto-path "feature" tends to result in an immediate turn off, but it does speed up the review process. Many of these games end up on my Mammoth list of PBBG's; a repository of the good, the bad, and the ugly. But on occasion, a game piques my interest enough to create an account, dive in, and check it out. Here are a few recent games that I'm reviewing for possible inclusion within my list of top recommended PBBG's.

PBBG's Currently Under Review
  • Idle RO: It's okay. It's a bit of a clone but not something I would top-rank. I was playing it for a few days when I was prompted to change my name for some reason. There was nothing offensive about the name, it was probably a name the developer wanted to use. So I quit and now the game has a daily average of 9 players.
  • Titans of Time: A big no because the developer can't be bothered to say anything about the game on the website. There is just a register button and literally nothing else. Lazy.
  • Reactor Block: Still under review.
  • Prosperous Universe: Still under review.
PBBG Watch List

The following PBBG's are under early development and therefore not available for public review but look interesting so I'm keeping an eye on them for future consideration.

  • TBD Age of Ascent: [3D] Alpha. It started out as a browser game and they were flexing about how great it will be as a browser MMO but then they pulled a bait and switch and moved it over to Steam as an application based MMO. As a browser MMO they could easily compete but as an application MMO they cannot offer competition in the least bit. I keep an eye on it but like Drakensang and Albion Online, I don't play them because I don't like it when developers lie or pull a bait and switch. It's not even an MMO anymore, now it's a co-op space shooter.